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Q: One of us is a federal employee, how do we divide the federal benefits in our divorce?

A: This is a common question we get from clients, and we are experts in representing current and former federal employees in dividing retirement, health insurance and life insurance benefits in divorce.

There are several government pension systems as well as lesser-known protections and benefits offered to federal employees, retirees and their spouses. We are thorough and knowledgeable in exploring all options in divorce cases.

Firm founder Jessica Markham authored, Representing Federal Employees and Their Spouses in Divorce: A Practical Guide, published by the American Bar Association, which many family lawyers keep on their bookshelf for quick access when needed.

Q: What do your clients say about the firm?

A: “In a very desperate and hopeless situation I called Ms. Jillian Morris… I just wanted to be heard not ignored. From the very first minute I felt that I could trust her and from that moment on my life changed for better… In every court we had to appear she presented me with such grace and wisdom and I could not be happier about my choice or the result.”

“[Ms. Markham] has proven to be highly competent, flexible and accommodating. I continually get the impression that my case is important to her, despite her busy schedule.”

“Samantha came very highly recommended, and she still managed to exceed expectations. She is an empathetic listener who offers thoughtful and realistic advice based on a ton of experience… I found her to be hugely supportive and insightful.”

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