Duane Bennett, DDS, MSD

Locations in Rockville, Silver Spring and Bowie

Website: https://prestige-perio.com

Q: What made you decide to become a periodontist?

A: I’ve always loved teeth; your smile is often the first thing people notice. My impetus for pursuing periodontics was my grandfathers’ struggle with periodontal disease. In dental school, I learned an incredible amount about periodontal disease and how we can treat it. Since then, my goal has been to help others who suffered the same experiences as my grandfathers, helping them achieve the healthiest, most functional and natural smile possible.

Q: What makes your practice unique?

A: We have three practice locations in Rockville, Silver Spring and Bowie. Each doctor spends time in at least two offices, providing referring doctors and patients flexibility regarding where they can receive their treatment. Additionally, we are a fully digital practice; our doctors have extensive training in treating patients conservatively with such innovative technology as 3D x-rays and lasers. We also value strong communication; all new patients receive a clear treatment plan outlining procedures and anticipated costs.


Q: What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

A: I will never tire of seeing posttreatment smiles from patients who were embarrassed or ashamed to smile before treatment.

Q: What’s an example of a time when you helped a patient that you’re particularly proud of?


A: I saw a high school student who needed orthodontics, complex bone grafting, implants and esthetic crowns. Collaborating with her orthodontist and prosthodontist, we worked around homecoming, prom, graduation photos and college visits. It was very fulfilling to successfully coordinate and complete this process before she left for college to start her adult life.