Based in Silver Spring

35 employees in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “Our leadership focus is on making sure that everyone on our team has a valuable work-life balance, is compensated fairly, and understands that we are invested in their growth, both as employees and as people.” —Ed Zakreski, managing director

Cool Perks: The company closes down the first week of every July for “Independence Week” … “No Meetings Fridays.” 

Work-Life Balance: “Our work during the pandemic proved that we could do so much of what it takes to run Round House from our homes, so we will keep some level of remote work and flexible work schedules moving forward.”—Zakreski


Mental Health: The Employee Assistance Program provides counseling for marital, parental or financial problems, as well as help for specific conditions such as substance abuse, smoking and gambling.

Office Culture: “We involved everyone on the board and on the full-time staff in the development of our new strategic plan so that everyone feels a sense of ownership, rather than just being handed down commandments from above. We also ensure that our staff has both initial and ongoing training in anti-racism, anti-bias, and bystander intervention.”—Zakreski

The Last Word: “Every person’s job within this company is an important piece of the big picture puzzle.” —Alexandria Moreland, public relations manager