Maryam Tabrizchi, AIA, NCARB Credit: Photo by Stephanie Williams

Elie Ben Architecture, LLC 


Phone: 202-860-7050 

Elie Ben Architecture is an award-winning architectural firm, designing custom and speculative homes. The firm provides services to homeowners and builders planning to renovate or build new stunning homes. 

Maryam Tabrizchi, AIA, NCARB is the principal architect. With about 20 years of experience in commercial and residential architecture, she is dedicated to contributing to neighborhood reinvigoration by designing innovative yet practical and cost-effective custom and speculative homes. Her goal is to design projects that are welcoming from outside and functional and loving inside. She believes that each custom house should be unique, representing the owner’s lifestyle.  

Elie Ben Architecture values clients’ expectations and is committed to a seamless client experience. With the client’s vision in mind, the firm designs living spaces that are both inspiring and timeless.