Drs. Sholander & Goodman Credit: Courtesy photo

Harmony Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics 

Phone: 301-664-4220 

Website: www.harmonybethesda.com 

Harmony takes a functional approach to treatment by looking at dental health as it relates to the whole body. A child’s growth and development is influenced by many factors, including genetics and lifestyle habits. The way a child’s mouth develops will affect not only their teeth but also how well they breathe and even sleep! Collaborative care involves family education such as discussing lifestyle habits like food choices or bedtime routines. Other times it means helping kids kick thumb and pacifier habits, or recommending early orthodontic treatment to redirect growth. 

Drs. Goodman and Sholander are board-certified specialists who’ve created a patient-centered practice with an integrative and efficient style. The practice offers comprehensive dental care for children and orthodontics for the entire family.