Credit: Photo by Michael Ventura

The Siena School  


Phone: 301-244-3600 

The Siena School, a national leader in dyslexia education, serves bright, college-bound students with language-based learning differences on campuses in Silver Spring, Md. (grades 4- 12) and Oakton, Va. (grades 3- 11). 

As a longtime area psychologist who specializes in diagnosing dyslexia shared, “To have Siena open in Oakton is incredibly exciting. It’s a great resource for families, and we can definitely get students the education they need.” 

Siena’s innovative dyslexia education is designed for students with strong interests in the arts, sciences, history, social justice and more. Technology, individualized reading instruction, multisensory teaching methods, lessons in self-advocacy and executive functioning, and regular collaboration help meet students’ strengths and learning needs. Siena also provides virtual tutoring and a summer academic program.