Dr. Malini Iyer and her Bethesda MOSA Team Credit: Courtesy photo

Maryland Oral Surgery Associates Bethesda (MOSA)

Website: http://www.mosa4os.com 

Phone: 1-844-459-MOSA 

MOSA’s award-winning doctors offer the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The state’s oldest and largest oral and maxillofacial facial surgery practice, MOSA has expanded in 52 years from two full-time surgeons to 13. All have trained at the world’s highest-rated surgical programs. With eight locations throughout Maryland, patients can schedule appointments at their convenience and with many geographical options.  

These dentists relish the entire process of meeting a patient, understanding their needs and concerns, and addressing them. They enjoy connecting with patients on a personal level, allowing for a holistic experience and customized treatments that result in optimal outcomes. The official oral surgeons for the University of Maryland athletic teams for nearly 20 years, specialties include dental implants, bone grafting, wisdom teeth, extractions and cosmetic dentistry.