RENU by Dr. Schoenfeld

Phone: 301-652-7368 


Dr. Schoenfeld practices the most advanced techniques in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation. A speaker, teacher and author of facial aesthetic techniques, he utilizes both open and closed rhinoplasty procedures and ultrasonic rhinoplasty where appropriate. He also specializes in deep plane face and neck-lifting techniques, which give the most natural and long-lasting outcomes. 

Not all faces are alike, so he creates noses that are not only attractive, but also enhance your face. It’s a natural-looking nose that you will love—and not draw unwanted attention for appearing “over done.”  

Patients, many of whom come from great distances, appreciate his warmth and ability to put them at ease. Using computer morphing software during your consultation, he sets realistic expectations for each surgical and non-surgical procedure.