Based in Rockville

15 employees in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “No one is micromanaged.” —Laura Ramos, office manager and marketing specialist

Cool Perks: Remote work options (about a third of the team is in the office full time) … Free gym membership … Free snacks, coffee, tea and filtered water … Paid health premiums … Each January, every employee makes a “wish list,” asking for anything that would make their job better. So far, says managing partner Amy Cox, every wish has been granted.

Work-Life Balance: You’re encouraged to be out the door by 5—and not to take any work home. “From my first interview, I was told that I should take my lunch break away from my desk so I can decompress.” —Ramos


Mental Health: Employees have access to mental health experts for free or nominal fees.

Office Layout: Not your father’s financial firm, by design. The airy space is surrounded by windows, with a mix of modern and traditional art. A funky fuchsia sofa anchors the collaboration area.

Office Culture: Everyone toasts birthdays and work milestones, yes—but also Friday happy hours, monthly lunches, and holiday events including Chinese New Year, Halloween, Friendsgiving and December bowling.


The Last Word: “I sometimes have to chase people out to go home, because the work can wait until the next day.” —Cox