Juliet Moody, Community Life Director

Located next to King Farm in Rockville, The Seneca offers assisted living, memory care and “The Bridge,” intermediate care for those with mild cognitive impairment. Through a variety of interactive and wellness activities, Community Life Director Juliet Moody keeps residents stimulated and engaged – and their spirits high.

Q: How is art used to build community at The Seneca? 

A: Art is a way to connect with ourselves and each other. Through our partnership with VisArts, we’ve started a mosaic wall hanging that will be created by our members, families and associates. Mosaic art is a wonderful representation of diversity because every tile is unique. As each tile is placed into the mosaic, it creates beautiful art representing the diverse individuals that make up our community. The final art piece will be hung in our main lobby to commemorate our one-year anniversary.

Q: What therapeutic role does dance play in the community?

A: Dance is a form of exercise and a social bonding activity. The Seneca Steppers, a seated tap group started by a resident and Wellness Coordinator Shannon Holt, offer both while creating a sense of purpose and excitement in our community.

Q: How is the diversity of your community reflected in your programs?

A: Diversity is at the heart of all we do. September’s theme was Celebrating Diversity in our Community. Our movie committee presented movies about diversity and inclusion. A world map was placed in our lobby with pins for members, families and associates to mark where they were born and place their pictures. Everyone was also invited to showcase items representing their cultural heritage.

We’ll be holding a performance by Harmony’s African-American Legacy Organization, HALO, which seeks to bring diverse people together through music – in this case, barbershop singing. Music also provides a framework to engage in conversation about social and political issues – especially those about race.

For Hispanic Heritage we’re kicking off the month with a Flamenco dance performance and a presentation on Spanish artists, Mexican muralists and painters, and Colombian sculptors. We’re also holding a class on salsa dancing led by our own associates.

Q: Which activities resonate the most with residents?

A: The activities residents seem to respond to most are the ones involving the entire community, like our one-year anniversary party in August. We all celebrated with a champagne toast, live music, food and a movie under the stars in our Magnolia Garden courtyard.