We invite the community to submit opinion pieces. An op-ed of up to 600 words may be submitted on a topic of local interest; an exception might be considered for a longer piece. A topic of local interest is one that we have covered and that is specific to Montgomery County, rather than a national issue.

We welcome a wide range of ideas and opinions.

Our guidelines:

  • Each piece must be written by and signed by an individual, whose name will be published, with a brief description of who they are, including hometown. A phone number must be provided for an editor to call and verify authorship; the number will not be published.
  • We prefer that the op-ed be submitted by one person, either personally or on behalf of an organization. Exceptions might be considered.
  • A source must be provided for any facts that we have not previously published. We will check that source and, whenever possible, link to it. If a source can’t be readily identified and the information easily verified, the piece or passage will not be published.
  • Each piece will be edited for length, clarity, and style, at MoCo360’s discretion. Pieces with personal attacks and potentially libelous comments will not be published.
  • Pieces must be written for us and must not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • The person who wrote the piece must submit it directly to us. We do not accept anything from a third party.
  • After a piece is published, we generally will wait at least two months before considering publishing another piece by the same writer.

To submit an op-ed, email editorial@moco360.media.