Photo by Deb Lindsey.


A Three-Scoop Cone at Islands Tropical Ice Cream or York Castle

If you’re feeling that your taste in ice cream is too vanilla, head to the tropics, or at least to Islands Tropical Ice Cream in Silver Spring or York Castle in Rockville. Get your scoop on with a triple-decker cone of tropical flavors, such as guava, mango, passion fruit, ginger, jackfruit, tamarind, coconut and soursop (a white-fleshed tropical fruit that resembles a prickly pear and tastes like sour strawberry, pineapple and banana). Want an extra jolt? Go for piña colada or rum raisin; both are spiked with Jamaican rum.

The super-premium ice cream is made at York Castle Ice Cream in Beltsville, owned by Jamaican Cal Headley, who sells it retail at his York Castle ice cream shop in Rockville. Headley used to own Islands Tropical Ice Cream, which is now in the hands of distant cousin Pierre Stone. ($6.55 for three scoops, cone or cup,
at Islands Tropical Ice Cream; $6.69 at
York Castle)

Islands Tropical Ice Cream, 9324 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, 301-589-2138,
York Castle, 827 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, 717-309-1339

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