A new Bagels 'n Grinds location is coming to Potomac in mid-2024. The College Park location is pictured above. Credit: Restaurant Zone Inc.

Adam and Courtney Greenberg are expanding their reach in the Potomac dining scene by opening a new restaurant, remodeling one and purchasing another existing one. For Adam Greenberg it’s not about packing his schedule further or padding his wallet — it’s all about family.

“It’s been a fantastic community to us,” Greenberg said. “We’ve been here around 30 years, we’ve raised our kids here, and this where they’ve gone to school.”

Bagels ‘n Grinds, which has locations in College Park in Prince George’s County and Hanover in Anne Arundel, will have a location next to a Potomac Pizza around the summer of 2024, at 9812 Falls Road. It will fill the vacancy once occupied by one of Greenberg’s previous restaurants, Potomac Village Deli.

“Our bagel is as good if not better than what you’ll find in NYC,” said Adam Greenberg, noting the secret is all in the water used. “Each one of our Bagels ‘n Grinds locations has its own proprietary water treatment facility, so we make our own New York water.”

According to a press release sent out on Tuesday, it “mimics the water that flows from the Catskill Mountains into New York City.”

In addition to their 19 bagel flavors, prepared with this special method, Bagels ‘n Grinds has “nine different spreads, omelet-style bagel sandwiches, salads, soups, ‘baginis,’ and traditional sandwiches” and “a 28-foot beverage station,” according to the release.


That construction project will occur at the same time as a renovation of the Falls Road Potomac Pizza, with both projects projected to be completed in mid-2024.

Greenberg will also be renovating the Potomac Pizza location on Falls Road, modernizing it, and making it more like the other locations. Most notably, the eatery will have a full-sized bar.

Also, like the other four locations of the pizza chain, this locale will feature black-and-white photos that spotlight the history of its respective town/city.


“When you come in, we’ll have all these great photos of Potomac over the last 100 years,” Greenberg said.

The Greenbergs now own Hunter’s Bar and Grill, located at 10123 River Road, which provides a casual dining experience with “good old American comfort food,” and “the best martini in town,” according to its website.

Greenberg said that his father loved eating at the restaurant every Tuesday night for the last 20 years when he came into town. His father would frequently ask him: “Why don’t you buy Hunter’s Bar and Grill?”


Greenberg would always say that his plate was too full, and it wasn’t the right time.

However, in April, when Greenberg learned the original owners, Fred and Murray Berman, were selling the restaurant, he decided it was the perfect fit.

The restaurant officially opened under the Greenberg’s ownership on Sept. 27.


Greenberg acquired the building and business, working with the current staff to carry on the legacy of the restaurant while also adding a fresh, new twist.

“We do have plans to do a facelift to the dining room in the early part of next year. It’s nothing major. We’re not bulldozing the restaurant,” Greenberg said. “We hope to do it while we’re open, during the night.”

He brought in a longtime manager and partner Daniel Seaman to help run the day-to-day operation of the grill and Corporate Chef Tennille Middleton (Chef Tee).


Greenberg said all of these new developments will be perfect for any Potomac residents who “want to have some fantastic restaurants in their backyard.”