From left: Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D.; Walker Lyerly, IV, M.D. ; Guillermo Portillo, M.D. ; John Carr, M.D. ; Margery Johnson, M.D. ; Paulo J. Negro, M.D. , PH.D. ; Chuck M. Ng, D.O. ; Shanda B. Priest, M.D.

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Rockville, MD 20852

Good mental health, says Potomac Psychiatry founder Bruce Alan Kehr, MD, relies on many interconnected factors, including our genes, gut health, cellular health, immune system and important relationships at home and at work. That’s why the trusted, award-winning team at Potomac Psychiatry don’t just treat their patients’ symptoms, but the whole person as a unique individual, using cuttingedge diagnostic tools to fine-tune their treatment approach, helping people feel better and stay better.

Through its unique Root Cause Psychiatry Program, Potomac Psychiatry’s eight Bethesda Magazine “Top Doctors” blueprint personalized roadmaps to recovery that meet patients’ specific biological, psychological and social needs. By evaluating their distinctive mental health ecosystems, including genetics, cellular functioning and gut microbiomes, their doctors prescribe tailored treatment plans to target the “root causes” of patients’ chronic distress.

Their approach to uncovering genetic, cellular, and biochemical contributors to conditions such as autism, depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, cognitive decline and long COVID leads to an initial treatment plan. From medication to dietary recommendations, talk therapy, supplements and more, treatment will include specific solutions to tackle each root cause of suffering. Our clinicians will monitor the patient’s progress, refining the plan as needed. “We do whatever it takes to help each patient feel well and recover their health” says Dr. Kehr.

Top Doctor, Washingtonian; Top Doctor, Castle Connolly; Most Comprehensive Mental Health Center (Mid-Atlantic USA), Excellence Award for Forensic Psychiatry & Expert Witness Services (Mid-Atlantic USA), Best Psychiatric Care Provider (Maryland), Best Comprehensive Psychiatric Care Services (Northeast USA), Global Health & Pharma; PharmaVoice 100 (Dr. Kehr), PharmaVoice.

“At Potomac Psychiatry, our doctors never settle for “good enough.” Perhaps that’s why our physician-peers voted to award each and every one of our doctors the coveted Bethesda Magazine Top Doctors award.”