Photo by Louis Tinsley


Based in Cabin John

54 employees in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “We have fun, work hard, and design really cool projects. We genuinely care for each other, and it shows. I arrived as a part-time employee who planned to stay only a few months, yet here I am 20 years later.” —Mark VanDeWege, managing partner

Cool Perks: If you’ve worked your 40 hours by noon on Friday, you can take off … Bonus plan based on company performance … Full health insurance premiums are paid … Free Costco memberships … The office is near the C&O Canal towpath, and a group of staffers likes to bike and run there, cleaning up afterward in the company’s shower facilities.

Work-Life Balance: “I have worked remotely since I moved to Michigan in 2014. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. The day after I had surgery, the company president flew to Michigan in the morning to see me and then flew home that evening.” —VanDeWege


Office Layout: Open, bright and airy up to the rafters and loft, encouraging maximum collaboration.

Office Culture: Think dogs at the desks, and meetings that kick off with music. On annual “fun days,” the whole staff goes to a recreational location, such as the Shenandoah Valley or St. Michaels, for activities and bonding.

The Last Word: “The humanity and caring of the ownership—and their empathy and genuine concern for the wellbeing of their team members—is the reason I stay. Not money, job satisfaction or the fancy T-shirts. They care.” —Britt Cave, carpenter and customer service associate