Based in Bethesda

92 employees, including 47 in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “Our events, while challenging at times, are very rewarding. We work incredibly hard on-site and during the lead-up for these events. That ‘post-event feeling’ never gets old.” —Kerry Rupp, vice president of portfolio operations

Cool Perks: Travel (including time off before and after out-of-town events so you can actually sightsee in the city you’re visiting) … Logging off early on Friday afternoons in summer … Virtual cooking classes that let the team bond over Zoom while getting to taste new dishes.

Work-Life Balance: “Unplugged vacation time is highly encouraged.” —Rupp


Mental Health: “After our events conclude, we have the following day off to rest and recharge.” —Caitlin Cooney, manager of event operations

Office Layout: Everyone’s working from home right now, but the doors to the office, just a few steps from Bethesda Row, are always open. “It’s great when those of us who are local can stop by and grab lunch or a happy hour.” —Cooney

Office Culture: “Motivating, challenging and creative. It pushes me to work hard and perform well. There is a lot of learning, brainstorming and feedback-giving happening regularly.” —Rupp


The Last Word: “We have the largest team we have ever had here at Consero. Our weekly all-staff meetings are flooded with employees cheering each other on. People work harder when they are happier.” —Rupp