Based in Rockville

186 employees, including 109 in the Bethesda area


Why It’s Great to Work Here: “At a time when stress levels are through the roof in society, EveryMind is performing an indispensable service, which gives meaning and purpose to coming to work every day and inspires us to be our best selves. We aren’t just doing a job, but fulfilling a mission.” —Dipika Cheung, director of hotline operations

Cool Perks: Around 50 paid days off a year … Fun staff events, from fall brewery get-togethers to ’80s-themed parties … Thoughtful swag like branded pajama pants and insulated coffee mugs.

Work-Life Balance: The hybrid work policy has allowed many employees to become new dog owners. “Pet ownership correlates with mental wellness.”—Cheung


Mental Health: “As an organization that provides mental health services to the public, taking care of our own mental health is paramount. We have mental health days in addition to sick leave and vacation days.” —Cheung

Office Layout: “The building has an open layout with one central corridor, which provides plenty of opportunities for us to get to know co-workers from other departments. More importantly, it gives us a sense of equity that no matter whether you are the CEO or the janitor, we walk the same corridor with no one siloed away.” —Cheung

The Last Word: “During the beginning of the pandemic, we worked from home with a sense of comfort. Since then, we’ve been working from home twice a week, with three days in the office. This provides a much-needed balance.” —Veronica Gonzalez, senior family case manager