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From the top professional

Thank you for the recognition of my contributions in advancing the field of Pediatric Dentistry. My practice philosophy implements the science behind dental therapies to provide the most conservative and predicable outcomes—all while having fun! Recently, systemic health as a continuum of oral health has received tremendous attention and I am a participant in this trajectory.

We are currently at the forefront of advanced cavity management via Silver diamine fluoride (SDF), the Hall Technique, all-white zirconia crowns and lesion sterilization and tissue repair (LSRT). SDF has helped numerous children with cavities by hindering the growth rate, lending to deferred treatment. The Hall Technique allows for a passive fitting of a silver crown by creating space with elastics—how fantastic for children who may not tolerate procedures. Zirconia crowns are a more durable and beautiful alternative to silver crowns! LSRT preserves a dying baby tooth with its partial nerve removal, followed by triple antibiotic putty and full coverage. Of recent attention is the MTHFR mutation, in which traditional treatment approaches in dentistry are modified, making it critical to understand non-invasive treatment alternatives.

Dental malocclusions, breathing patterns and tethered tissue management are as critical to your child’s oral health as the management of cavities. The collaboration of myofunctional therapists and pediatric dentists in the release and re-training of facial muscle groups allows for optimal nursing latch and the correction of malocclusions and breathing patterns. In the new year I will provide laser frenectomy releases!

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Awards & Affiliations:
Bethesda Magazine, Top Dentist 2020
Bethesda Magazine, The Face of Pediatric Dentistry
American Dental Association
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Maryland Pediatric Dental Association
Alpha Omega
Hispanic Dental Association
Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences
Myofunctional Research Company
Spear Study Club of Bethesda-Chevy Chase
The Breathe Institute
Tongue-tied Academy