The Board of Education Headquarters, where all board meetings take place, is located at Carver Education Services Center on Hungerford Drive in Rockville. Credit: Annabelle Gordon

Montgomery County’s Board of Education on Thursday unanimously approved next year’s schools operating budget at $3.2 billion—an increase of 10% or $296 million over this year.  

The figure is $272 million above the minimum amount required by the state’s “maintenance of effort” law, according to a news release from Montgomery County Public Schools. 

The budget will add supervisors, instructional staff and coaches to “increase math and literacy support, oversight and progress monitoring for schools, and increased professional development opportunities for staff,” according to MCPS’ release. 

The budget also includes salary increases for school personnel and adds security assistants, according to the MCPS. 

Superintendent Monifa McKnight Introduced the operating budget in December, and it was discussed during public hearings on Jan. 11 and Jan. 17, and it was the subject of four work sessions on Jan. 10, 18 and 24, and Feb. 9.  

The budget request will be submitted to Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council. Elrich is to release his FY 2024 operating budget recommendation by March 15.  


According to the MCPS, the County Council will hold public hearings on the county budget in April and pass the final budget in May. The board is expected to vote again in June for the final adoption of the operating budget.